6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in the Mediterranean Room

A very special event, this evening reception is a fantastic opportunity to connect with some of Southeast Michigan’s industry leaders over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Brief messages from our sponsors, Warner Norcross + Judd and Comcast Business kick off the night.

Plus: Enjoy Drone and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Demonstrations! 

Michigan Economic Development Corporation Attendees

Bob Metzger (speaker)
Nick Nerbonne
Bronwyn Drost
Tracie Tillinger
Seun Phillips, PlanetM
Catherine Costello

Warner Norcross + Judd Attendees

Partner Brian Wassom (speaker)
Junqi Hang
Tom Hess
Associate John Muhs
Connor Steinwascher, President, Aerial Coverage

Comcast Business Attendees

Toni Sinishtai (speaker)
Monica Drake-Carter
Pamela Dover

DPTV Attendees

Tara Hardy, Head of Kids/Education
Marty Fischhoff, Head of Engagement
Georgeann Herbert, Head of Strategy
Tom Szczepanski, Chief of Operations

Special Guest Attendees

Paul Decker, Director National Automotive Center
Monica Wheat, Digerati Girls Co-Founder
Adrienne Wheat, Digerati Girls Co-Founder
Tel Ganesan, President, TiE Detroit/Kyyba Innovations
Jacqueline Perry, Executive Director, TiE Detroit/Kyyba Innovations
Lisa Vallée Smith, President, Airfoil Group
Jon Pelak, Associate Airfoil Group
Kathleen Norton Schock, Co-Host Diva Tech Talk
Dale Schock
Tonya Matthews, President and CEO, Michigan Science Center
Charles Gibson, Director of Innovation and Outreach, Michigan Science Center
Paulette Epstein, Planétarium Manager, Michigan Science Center
David Weaver, President, Great Lakes Angels
Milan Stevanovich, President, Detroit Chinese Business Association
Caston Thomas, President, InterWorks
Richard Stiennon, President, IT-Harvest
Tember Shea, Manager Inforum inGAGE
Carole Leigh Hutton, VP Biz. Dev. & Marketing Inforum
Al Carpinelli, President, Logic Solutions
Michele Hirschfield, President, Welcoming Results
Satya Pinnamaneni, Director, nDimensions Technologies
Suzanne Rutkowski, MTAM
Terry Bean, President Motor City Connect
David Pollack, Manager Partner, mirari
Stephen Couchman, President, LivePicture & STEAMBOX Educational Services
Brad Pitser, PTC’s Director of AR Content for Vuforia Studio